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Clarence Jones Services

Winning News Media is a Bradenton, Florida, company that specializes in crisis management consulting and on-camera coaching.

Nobody in America can match Clarence Jones' experience in newspaper and television reporting, news media consulting, crisis managing, on-camera coaching.

After he wrote the first edition of Winning with the News Media in 1983, Jones left a remarkable reporting career to create the consulting firm. The bulk of his business is seminars for small groups of government and corporate executives.

He also does a lot of one-on-one coaching, using videotape to polish personal skills for:

  • Interviews

  • News conferences

  • Public presentations

  • Court & legislative committee testimony

When a correspondent from 60 Minutes or 20/20 knocks on your door, the panic sets in. That's when he's often called in to help manage the media crisis. And ease the fear.

For group training, Winning with the News Media is the textbook for the class. It contains all of the core information on media relations strategy, personal skill, and inside information on how the media really work.

The typical workshop begins with about two hours of PowerPoint slides and video clips to teach the basics:

  • Ten Commandments of media relations

  • How reporters decide whether you're a good guy or a bad guy

  • Current shifts in media ethics and ownership


  • Differences between print and broadcast news emphasis and personalities


  • How to craft a quote that won't be misquoted

Then hypothetical media situations are passed out, custom-tailored to fit the group. The class becomes the command staff, debating -- and then deciding -- the best strategy for dealing with the media problem. Members of the class are chosen to role-play that strategy, on camera.

There is instant replay, and constructive criticism for those who've been in the hot seat. Sometimes, Clarence makes suggestions for how to do it better. A portion of the situation is taped again, so the class can see the difference. Those who've been on camera can decide which technique works best for them.

In virtually every workshop, someone says:

"This is the best training I've ever had."

  • If you're interested in:

  • A workshop for the people in your organization


  • Personal, on-camera skill-building

OR if you have

  • A looming or potential media crisis

  • A difficult news conference ahead

  • An important presentation to plan

Winning News Media can help! Click here for contact information.

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